Tailor Made First Aid

We have two trainers offering a range of first aid courses with the knowledge and experience to “tailor make” courses to meet your specific requirements.
Mercede is a registered paramedic. She has extensive first hand experience of dealing with the emergency situations in which you may find yourself. Her expert advice and the training she can provide will give you the confidence to give the care which can save a life.
Anne came to First Aid Training as a PADI Assistant Diving Instructor. She has over 20 years experience of being an Appointed Person (First Aider) in the workplace and 8 years experience in delivering first aid training.

We look to provide the level and content of training that is appropriate to your requirements, rather than force you into a fixed course. Our combined considerable experience enables us to understand the difficulties you may encounter in real life situations, one of us has probably seen it.

We find that group discussion around situations participants have encountered is an excellent way of spreading knowledge and building confidence. We encourage this on our courses in addition to the traditional teaching methods. Our participant feedback shows that this approach is both enjoyable and effective.

We offer an initial assessment of your needs to enable us to suggest a course which is precisely matched to your requirements. This can be by email, phone or a visit to your work premises depending on the complexity of your situation.