Small to Medium Sized Organisations
Businesses, in fact any organisation, should have a designated person who is responsible for their first aid provision.

Which qualification, if any, is required will depend on the risk within the organisation. We are happy to carry out a risk assessment for you if you would like.

For many small businesses Basic First Aid skills for one person will be all that is required.

For larger organisations, or those with machinery or other factors affecting the risk of an emergency, a number of people with the Appointed Person Course, Emergency First Aid At Work qualification or a full First Aid At Work qualification, may be more appropriate.

We can advise you as to the qualification which would best fit your business. The courses vary in length from half a day to 3 days and can be held in your workplace making it easy to fit into your working day.

We are happy to undertake initial discussions and recommendations for free, so why not call us today to work through your requirements.

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